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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Review

There’s fierce competition in metropcs galaxy j7‘s segment despite that, does the Samsung brand value and the performance of the phone live up to expectations? let’s find out.

This is our full review of the galaxy j7 prime, let’s roll. Samsung’s gone with its regular design language for the j7 prime which means it looks pretty much like any other Samsung red ranger that’s it.

It has taken a leap forward from the samsung galaxy j7 prime by adding a fingerprint sensor to the front and metal to the back. There are plastic inserts at the top, in the bottom for reception but it doesn’t seem to help at all the cellular reception is very poor. Holding it in a different position does help but not enough to not get frustrated.

To the front there’s a 5.5 inch TFT display with a 720p resolution. If terms of resolution over the 720p display on the j7 2016 its sharp at about 400 pixels per inch the viewing angles are excellent and the visibility in the sunlight is quite good as well that’s it. It is also a kind of downgrade since it trades in Super AMOLED from the J7 2016 for a LCD panel so the colors are a bit more muted you don’t get the deep blacks but it’s still a decent display but this being a Samsung might Ranger sometimes have again omitted to ambient light sensor. You will have the outdoor mode what it does is simply increase the brightness of all the regular levels.

Talking about sensors we don’t have a gyroscope sensor either this could be a deal-breaker if you are planning to use the phone with a VR headset frequently. Below the display we’ve got the capacitive keys that are not backlit and an active fingerprint scanner first for a Samsung phone. This got me excited but unfortunately I had a terrible experience with it it is sad but at times it takes a few attempts the sensor often scans anything that comes in contact with it during my usage at least once a day when I took the phone out of my pocket I realized that already ran out of attempts to unlock the phone and the worst thing at times I’ve had to wait for 30 minutes to attempt to unlock again.

Anyway moving on to the left is the micro sd card slot and the dual sim tray that supports 4g volte. To the bottom you have the primary microphone a micro USB port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The audio quality via the jack is acceptable for the price the placement of the loudspeaker is something I actually found myself liking it’s arguably but as an important placement the quality and the audio levels are above average.

For all its flaws the j7 prime has a pretty good design it weighs at about 167 grams it doesn’t feel very heavy it’s also quite thin at about 8 millimeters the display is covered by 2.5 degrees like glass the screen to body ratio is quite good at about 73% the sides are curved which help with the grip and the potentia tactile moving on the j7 prime just like the j7 2016 is powered by the 64-bit Exynos 7870 doctor called chip that consists of 8 cortex a53 cores clocked at 1.6 gigahertz each my expectations were at high for this chip but on a day to day usage scenarios the performance was quite good as in games loaded up quicker than I expected if they struggle to keep up with heavy usage but that’s expected given that its 7th Ranger. The phone’s got 3 gigs of RAM up from 2 gigs on the J7 2016 but it doesn’t reflect well in memory management i opened up the exact same apps on the honour 6x well it managed to have all of them in memory the j7 primary loaded a lot of 10 the MAL ETA 30 NT to GPU takes care of dimming.

With light games the performance was great no major status of frame drops the experience was more with heavy titles though they experience deteriorated to an extent frame drops occurred frequently and there was quite some love it’s also worth noting that the x1 of 7870 chip is fabricated using the 40 nanometer FinTech technology meaning it isn’t all that power-hungry which in turn means great battery life with heavy usage which includes about 30 minutes of phone calls a few hours of social media dosage an hour of 2 of light gaming some video streaming an hour of music over Bluetooth a lot of push notifications periodic camera usage while on 2 SIM cards with either Wi-Fi or 4G on the g7 Prime easily lasted me a day with light usage it got even better I was able to go on for a day and a half before running out of juice you should be able to turn out more with battery saving modes on that note let’s get the camera the gsm transporter 13 megapixel f1 boy named rear facing camera with a single LED flash this is the exact same camera that’s found on the J7 2016 the camera performance is quite good for more in-depth information here’s a card to my dedicated camera review of the day 7 camera has gone through an upgrade from f11 9 the selfies look good there’s ample detail with good colors the dynamic range is decent a bit of software sharpening comes into play under artificial and low lighting conditions just like with most other Samsung phones that’s it overall the camera performs good enough for the price the J7 frame runs on android 6.0.1 marshmallow there is quite some bloat and the apps are not uninstall able they can only be disabled but that didn’t take a hit on the user experience which honestly was quite good TouchWiz feels refined it isn’t like frequently Samsung’s marketing favorites like the a spike mode and the ultra data saver are things that I’ve never had to use that’s it there are some nifty little features as well like s power planning the easy mode and the signature quick launch shortcut among many others TouchWiz also lets you switch between sim one and some two for mobile data seamlessly something I don’t understand though is why Samsung has a disabled haptic feedback it does work with third-party apps like G Bordeaux anyway the j7 Prime is currently priced at 5900 rupees at this price whether or not to recommend this phone is going to be a tough call for me on one hand we have really good upgrades from the j7 2016 like the higher resolution display but a bit more RAM better selfie camera and the presence of a pin your print scanner definitely sounds great for an extra 400 rupees as of today on paper at least but on the other hand there are a lot of annoyances the mr. fingerprint scanner the poor cellular reception the lack of gyroscope and ambient light sensors and the mediocre RAM management even if I didn’t compare it with Chinese budget kings like the cool one redmi note 4g phi plus and the honor 6x into you know Samsung is a Tier one brand and all I still wouldn’t recommend this phone right now due to the certain flaws that make it almost unusable maybe if Samsung fixes Tempe updates and if you fiercely hate Chinese brands even motto for some peered reason then yet the j7 crime would be a pretty good deal what do you think would you buy the phone right now if you could let me know in the comments below hit thumbs up if you agree with my take on the Galaxy j7 Prime.