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What Are The Benefits Of Unlocking Your Phone?

Unlocking your phone can bring you enormous benefits, we mean that’s why you are here right. We understand that you got some subsidy because of purchasing your phone from a network carrier but now you are quiet fed-up of being tied up to a single network, that limits you from choosing something different. In this article we will discuss that why should you get your phone unlocked:


  • Having a sim lock on your phone hold you back from using any other network, unlocking your phone will let you choose the network that most suit you.


  • Once your phone is unlocked, you get the benefit of choosing best packages that are most affordable for you, and that saves you alot of money.


  • While traveling if you have a locked phone that will cost you alot of roaming fee, so if you get your phone unlocked you can save that roaming fee by just changing the sim and use that money to enjoy your trip.


  • Well having a network lock on your phone simply puts a restriction on you, and ultimately it becomes a hurdle when you decide to sale your phone. Locked phone does not sale easily, so if your phone is unlocked it will attract more buyers and will sell easily.


  • Having sim lock in your phone takes away your freedom and that effects resale value of your phone. So lifting that lock will increase resale value of your phone and get you good deal when you decide to sale your phone.


  • And if you have your phone unlocked from LetsUnlockPhone, it will never re-lock it self no matter what. So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and order your required service 🙂