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The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity)is the number unique in every phone assigned by the manufacturer. IMEI works as identifier which helps to tack stolen or lost mobile phones.



Here are some ways you can find your phone’s IMEI number:

  • The easiest method is by dialing universal code *#06# and IMEI number of your phone will pop up and you can easily note down your phone’s IMEI number.
  • In android phones, you can also go to settings than tap on about phone and then tap on status. There you will see your IMEI number, note that down.
  • In Iphones, you can go to settings than tap on general and in general tap on about and then tap on IMEI, there you will see IMEI, note it down.
  • If for some reason such as broken LCD or broken software or some other issue you cant use the code to find IMEI number, below are some things you can do to check IMEI number:
  • You can find IMEI number underneath your phone’s battery. So here is what you gotta do, remove the back cover of your phone and take out the battery. There you will see IMEI number printed on a sticker, note it down.
  • In new iphones such as Iphone 5,iphone 6,iphone 7 and their other variants, you can find IMEI ingraved on the back of the phone close to the bottom.
  • In older iphones, like iphone 3, iphone 4 and their other variants, IMEI number is printed on the sim tray, so you can remove sim tray and note down your IMEI number.
  • You can also check IMEI number on the packaging of the phone.
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