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ZTE Grand X 4 Z596

zte grand x 3 unlock

Here to do my little review on the ZTE grand X 4 this is the $100 fall this is 100 bucks anybody can buy it. It’s on cricket wireless and again you can just go ahead and buy it for a hundred bucks.

Here’s a five and a half inch what is it, it’s not to fully see it’s an HD screen like a little you know sort of pattern on the back. It does feel like I should be able to peel that plate off the back or something but anyways here it is compared to like the modal’s that play you know about the same size about the same thickness but a hundred bucks and it’s got a fingerprint center. Since that’s pretty cool and I like it on the back I don’t know why I love having fingerprint sensors in the back.

unlock zte grand x4 z596

So there it is you just tap it on the back not a button it’s just you just tap it I wish you could tap it again or something or press it to turn it off kinda like a G5 that’d be great. How to unlock cricket zte grand x 4? Again the display isn’t a super phenomenal it’s a little muted but for a basic phone this is actually pretty good specs. ZTE Grand X 4 is running a Snapdragon people it’s 2 gig of ram most people they’re probably fine with that it’s long at 16 gigs of storage which is a deal-breaker for me you need to have at least more but Grand X 4 does have in the nano SIM tray a micro SD card slot as well so that’s kind of nice.

With that the camera and I do like the Zte camera especially when you can play with the modes and you play with multi exposure and you play around these different kind of things so you can take a picture you know and when you’re done take a look at that kinda so it’s just kind of neat that you can play around a little bit built into it it’s kind of manual modes and IMEI there like it’s a pretty good little camera for all we need to do and there’s manual adjustments which is pretty nice is oh just meant night so we’re auto mode just there’s a filter life filter preview pretty cool little device I don’t know what really else to tell you guys I mean it’s this is pretty much stock Android I’m not going to see anything different the only atoms they have is this backup and restore feature they have from ZTE so you can backup and then restore to another device to do we have what else was there in here there’s a freedom mobile account the ZTE rewards apps is in here there’s a lot of things aren’t normally near there’s the Dolby audio now it’s only audio up here it’s not a stereo audio or anything can’t test that to show you the difference in it but pretty straightforward the only weird thing I have to say about this and I don’t know why because pre looks like it’s a stock Android device is that if I slide down here right get all my notifications right I can say well I don’t want to I’ll get rid of this well that one worked okay let’s get rid of this one I’m alright with this one no that’s right if you swipe that way it goes away if you swipe this way this thing kind of saying do you no longer want to be notified of these this app and you’re like you can say yes and then we’ll bring you to that thing where you’ll never get notifications of that app again hit X and it goes back it took me a while to figure out that I want to get rid of oh no I have to swipe that way it’s just weird to Boysen use this I think anyway I wanted to hope so I want to get rid of that alright my kid I want to get rid of that so that’s the only weird thing I would say about the stolen otherwise 100 bucks I know plenty of people this is enough foam for a hundred bucks.