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Unlock T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Review

unlock t mobille oneplus 6t

Hey guys okay so I’ve been using the OnePlus 6T religiously for the past month I took it to church I loved it and I knew I would but I don’t think everyone should jump on the 6T bandwagon.

I mean unlock t mobile OnePluus 6T still looks pretty similar to the 6 which isn’t a bad thing it’s a great looking phone but it still got that glass back without offering wireless charging which I still think is stupid.

unlock t mobille oneplus 6t

I mean other than aesthetics there’s literally no point they’ve ditched the headphone jack to make room for the bigger battery and for the in’display fingerprint scanner tech.

I know for a lot of people that’s a huge bummer but personally after reviewing so many phones without one I’ve gotten used to it so that’s not a deal-breaker for me at all and that in display fingerprint scanner in OnePlus 6T yeah dude this is that high budget sci-fi show tech type stuff right here folks and OnePlus 6T tmobile unlock is the first phone I’ve used with this tech so for me it’s incredibly cool and even after a month it still hasn’t lost its novelty on me although your mileage may vary but here’s the thing it’s still very first gen feeling like it’s not as snappy or accurate as a biometric fingerprint scanners so at the end of the day to me it’s still just a novelty but it’s one of the coolest goddamn novelty features I’ve had on a phone in a long time and it’s only gonna get better from here.

My biggest complaint with sim unlock OnePlus 6T though is the same thing most others complain about at night while in bed network unlock OnePlus 6T make the screen blindingly bright and it always catches me off guard cuz I always expect a black AMOLED display to stay dark but nope you hit that scanner and it’s like waking up to a slap in the face and a flashlight in the eyes and that bigger battery I mentioned a minute ago it is good I mean battery life on the 6 was fantastic but yeah battery life is crazy good like I can safely call the imei unlock OnePlus 6T a two day phone which is what I normally get out of it or a day and a half of those days when I have no life and literally nothing to do but stare at my phone all days so if you you get less than put the phone down and go do something with yourself get a girlfriend or something man.

Performance is almost pointless to talk about with oneplus phones they’ve always had in my opinion probably the best performance on any phone I have a review I went with the cheapest option with six gigs of RAM because I think that’s the one most folks a lot for and yeah it’s still flawless and still having probably my favorite software UI on a phone doesn’t hurt either making customizations easy with just the right amount of useful features and easy theming options to get the look you want without any additional digging around with a ton of third-party apps oh and that dark mode dude can someone please give oneplus an award for being one of the few brands that does it right like I don’t know what these other brands are so afraid of but I think it’s to nut up and finally offer proper dark mode on all phones there’s no excuse oh we’ve still got a 1080p AMOLED display but now carrier unlock OnePlus 6T’s a bit bigger with a smaller notch that hasn’t bothered me at all so a step in the right direction and it looks great too OnePlus 6T got good colors it’s sharp we’ve got some image profiles to choose from it’s a great display I just wish one day they’d figure out how to get a qHD resolution display in there while keeping the price is the same because I mean it’s been a while now.

Now whenever I review a oneplus phone I always take the price into consideration I mean what you get for the money is just ridiculous but that goddamn mono speaker guys every time I watch a YouTube video or play music I’m always like oh yeah right the phone only cost sounds yeah so we still got the same cameras but now we’ve got a new night mode which can do a decent job but can also tend to muddy up the shadows a bit and completely blow out highlights OnePlus 6T just incomparable to what the pixel art new highway phone’s night modes can do OnePlus 6T also sometimes likes to overexpose a bit and sometimes the contrast looks a little flat but images do still look very sharp maybe even a bit over process looking at times focusing is fast and when it nails the exposure colors look great I’d say the vast majority of the time you’re gonna get a picture you’re pretty damn happy with so wrapping up my month-long review of the 6T like I knew I would I love this phone for what you got at this price even with my dumb little complaints it’s hard not to recommend this phone to everyone but I don’t think a slightly bigger display in a slightly bigger battery in a new night mode is worth shitting your pants over while the one plus 6 is still available the in display fingerprint scanner as a tech enthusiast is just mind-blowing ly cool to me but since its first gen tech and behaves like first gen tech does at this point it’s more of a novelty in my mind than a convenience so if you’re like me and you have to have the latest in cutting-edge tech I get it I mean I don’t want to tell anyone not to buy it but the one plus 6 is still available at a lower price and you wouldn’t really be missing out on much if you went that route instead.