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Unlock T-Mobile LG Stylo 2 Plus K550 Review

So this is my review of the LG Stylo 2 Plus after using it as my daily driver for two weeks.

Let’s go ahead and jump to the design and build of unlock T-Mobile LG Stylo 2 Plus it’s definitely slimmed down from last year’s model it’s lost a lot of its curvature that it did have with the original LG G stylo but it does feel very lightweight.

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I’m not a big fan that they remove the laser autofocus but the 13 megapixel camera still produces nice images you got this nice texture to the back you also have this really nice 5.7 inch 720p display which looks really nice and like I said LG Stylo 2 Plus looks very premium looking.

Now let’s jump to battery life of T-Mobile LG Stylo 2 Plus network unlock so I did do a review on battery as you can see from the top left hand corner there I’ll drop a link in the description so you can check out that video but the twenty nine hundred million battery is very good you also get sixteen gigabytes of onboard memory and if you do use that up you do that access to the micro SD card which is a nice feature now I do not have an app drawer on my lg style 2 plus but it is very organized with these different files that I do have another great edition with the LG style 2 plus is the LG smart world application I like it I use it a quite a bit I like the fact that I can change the different themes the fonts so that is a nice feature using it on the LG style 2 plus the screen is very responsive I didn’t suffer any lag or any issues with the screen another great thing about having the LG style for two weeks is all the amount of options in the settings so you get NFC Android Beam file-sharing media server there’s ringtone ID I mean you’ve got so many options that are available to you now this is also rocking 6.0.1 marshmallow out of the box of really good software doze works really well on this I get some really excellent battery life like I mentioned and yeah it just works really well there’s not a whole lot of negative to mention with this device now I get I did get this acid my initial review how is the GPS using the LG Stylo 2 Plus I gotta say it’s no issue whatsoever it works very well I used it on different occasions driving and it was pretty much accurate for the most part and like I said really no issues using the GPS the sound quality is decent it produces some really nice sound nothing super loud but it is decent audio volume and using Google now on tap on the LG style – plus work so great it works perfect there was no issues when I was using it and also the multitasking on this device works very well also so like I mentioned there’s not a whole lot of negative to report on this device after using it for two weeks now gameplay gameplay is excellent on this device I mean you have a big 5.7 inch display so everything looks just amazing while using this device now I do push my devices very hard when I do use them now I my initial review I was playing a more highly intense graphic game and handled that perfectly fine I’ll just show you a little sample game that I am playing here but no matter what game I was playing it did not drop frames it did not overheat one time even with extensive YouTube watching no issues whatsoever the processor was able to handle everything I threw at this perfectly fine so for $149 price tag I mean this is a great device to get I mean I’m very pleased with the price tag and all the features that I do get now you also now another great perk another great feature of the LG style 2 plus is the stylus and all the new features that this does have so it works really good the touch to the display using the stylus works great it works very well I didn’t see any issues I liked the new feature when you pull out the stylus and you do get the pop-up menu there that’s a great bonus using this now let’s jump to the fingerprint scanner the fingerprint scanner it works very well it’s not the fastest fingerprint scanner I noticed but it is pretty accurate and it’s a really nice bonus and again for $149 price tag you get in the stylus with all those new features the finger print scanner big 5.7 inch display pretty good amazing battery life and let’s jump to camera now the 13 megapixel camera produces some nice images I’ll show you some sample shots and go ahead and take a look so after 2 weeks of using this device as my daily driver do I recommend this device of course I do for $149 you get some amazing features with this device and it might even be the best $149 device out there well this was my review I hope you guys enjoyed it.