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Unlock Cricket ZTE Sonata 3 Z832 Review

CRICKET ZTE Sonata 3 Unlock Code

let’s go ahead and do the full review for the ZTE sonata 3.

Alright so in my review of the or unboxing of the unlock ZTE Sonata 3 cricket we got accustomed to the outside of it which is you know you got the camera here with the flash 5 megapixel camera regular micro USB port not the USB C fast charging.

unlock zte sonata 3

We got the up-and-down volume rocker on this side the power on that side we got two mics dual mics of course one on the bottom and then one on top for noise cancelling headphone jack 3.5 mm milliamp mm damn it I can’t remember exactly but I believe it’s around 2300.
ZTE Sonata 3 pretty good-sized, for this size phone we got 1 gigabyte of RAM 8 gigabytes of internal storage quad core processor running at one point one gigahertz.

Then we have the camera on zte sonata 3 cricket unlock  that I showed you yesterday real quick so nice camera so there we go. So nice camera all around I mean if we can get some modes in here we definitely got the smile shot on board. All you got just smile and it takes a picture of you this thing is like June June June take pictures and then we got video quality is that for both front and back if that’s the case that’s really nice 720p video sorry about that guys.

Then what do we have included here in ZTE Sonata 3 I can’t cross jelly all right comes with Empire Hotels calm keep let’s see sound recorder selfie which you just press it in and jumps right into selfie mode Dolby audio DS are of course included so let’s take a brief look at don’t be audio let’s play a demo one more time so this is especially useful that’s especially useful so when you like when you have headphones plugged in and stuff like that so yeah some take another look around real quick let’s look at the keyboard so definitely got marshmallow on board which is nice nice keyboard here and we have different sets of keyboards here we have the emoji keyboard we got the emoji art keyboard the most Yukon keyboard um definitely nice Wow look at the look at these emotion the emoji art keyboards pretty pretty elaborate man for what it is to be honest like I’ve never seen a keyboard like this so nice the emoji keyboard of course then we got your ww2 Internet keyboard basically I’ve never seen that either so definitely a nice keyboard they’re nice and um full-featured see what else we got the dialer looks like that’s what your dialer looks like so yeah definitely um good little package so if you’re looking for something that’s on the budget or low inside not too much definitely this might be your ticket guys 6.0 point 1 marshmallow oh yeah suck at that game alright guys but this has been John from magic tech review hopefully I showed you a little bit something about the phone that you wanted to see and if I didn’t please let me know at the comments below um and yeah see here real quick auto-rotate screen adaptive brightness brightness level font size post notification light so yeah definitely has notification light alright.