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Unlock Cricket LG Escape 3 K373 By Cricket Unlock Code

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Unlock Cricket LG Escape 3 K373

LG Escape 3 is no way a cheap or pocket friendly priced phone and thats something that was expected. But there is no need to panic, if you really want Escape 3 but can’t afford it, you can always buy it with a contract from Cricket for a better price. That does cost you less, but on the other hand the disadvantage of buying LG Escape 3 in contract is that the Escape 3 is carrier locked by Cricket and you will be stuck with Cricket for the time period of contract.Are you worried about the unlocking of your CRICKET LG ESCAPE 3 because you don’t want to use your current CRICKET network anymore?  We can show you a way to sim unlock LG Escape 3 K373 and be able to use it in any network around the world. We offer you CRICKET LG ESCAPE 3 unlock code by which you will be able to use your CRICKET device with any SIM card of any network worldwide.

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How To Unlock LG Escape 3

So there are too main safe methods to carrier unlock LG Escape 3 K373. One is asking Cricket carrier to unlock your phone. But there are some difficulties and requirements for that and most of the time you end up being disappointed form the carrier. The second method is to get Cricket unlock code for LG Escape 3 by third party supplier. The latter is by far easiest and safest because it doesn’t hurt your Cricket Escape 3 in any way and its cheap and permanent.

Requirements For Cricket Escape 3

To get LG Escape 3 Cricket unlock code from us you don’t need to fulfill a lot of requirements. You just need the IMEI number of your Escape 3. You can find IMEI of Escape 3 K373 by opening the dialer app and type *#06#, when you dial this IMEI will appear on the screen. You can also find IMEI number by going in to settings of your Escape 3 and check “about” section. You can read more about finding IMEI of your phone in blog.

The other thing required for Cricket unlock code for LG Escape 3 is a working e-mail address, to receive unlock code from us.

The other thing required is another network’s sim that’s currently not working on your phone.

How To Order Unlock Code For Cricket LG Escape 3

Ordering unlock code for Escape 3 is simple. Just fill out the form by first writing your IMEI number, make sure the IMEI number is 100% correct so check the IMEi number twice or thrice. Then write the email address and your name and checkout on the payment page.

How To Enter Cricket Unlock Code In Escape 3

After we receive your order, we’ll process your unlocking request and in the time stated we’ll send you Cricket unlock code on your email address.Then just switch off your phone, insert non-supported sim card from another carrier and turn your phone back on. The “SIM Network Unlock Pin” menu will appear on the screen. Just enter the Escape 3 unlock code we’ve sent you and your phone will be unlocked for eternity.

Why Unlock Cricket Escape 3

Unlocked Escape 3 will attract more buyers and network unlocked phones tend to sell easily as compared to locked phones and brings better resale value. Besides getting good money, you can switch to any network that offers better value for money and have bigger coverage area. Plus you don’t have to pay hefty roaming charges while traveling. We have discussed more advantages of unlocking phone.

Risks In Unlocking Cricket Escape 3

There are no risks in unlocking LG Escape 3 because unlocking Cricket with Cricket unlock code is the legal and official method and it unlocks Escape 3 permanently. You don’t have to change firmware so there is no risk of damaging your phone. We have discussed more about risks involved in unlocking process.


Q:Do i have to root Escape 3 to unlock it?
A:No, you only need Escape 3 unlock code to unlock.

Q:Does unlocking my Escape 3 void its warranty?
A:No unlocking with Cricket unlock code is the official method and it does not void your warranty.

Q:Does unlocking LG Escape 3 effect my contract?
A:No unlocking does not have any effect on contract.

Q:Which network will be supported after unlocking Escape 3?
A:After unlocking your Cricket Escape 3 you can use any GSM network’s sim from any where.

Q:Is unlocking Escape 3 LG legal?
A:Yes its 100% legal and allowed by govt and networks.

Requirements From Buyers To Get Unlock Code

  • Buyer need to make sure Escape 3 Cricket is not hard locked and it has attempts to enter unlock code.
  • Buyer need to make sure that Escape 3 is not reported stolen or blacklisted.
  • Buyer need to make sure that he has given us the right IMEI otherwise you wont get a refund.

Why unlock LG Escape 3 From Cricket By LetsUnlockPhone.Com?

Here at LetsUnlockPhone, you get a 100% money back guaranty(read refund policy here) along with very esteemy customer service. We are specialists when it comes to unlocking any phone with unlock code (such as Cricket, Cricket, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus etc) whether you have phone from USA (like Cricket, Cricket, etc) or or Canada (Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Fido, Koodoo, Videotron, etc).


Before ordering unlocking service of Cricket Phoenix Plus kindly check if “Network Unlock Pin” menu appears when you insert the non-accepted network sim in your Escape 3 i.e other than Cricket Network SIM .
While ordering unlock code for Cricket Escape 3 please select your current Network Provider you phone is working on, we won’t be responsible for refund if you choose wrong network on order page.
We don’t unlock security lock on Cricket or other network’s phones, we only Unlock Sim Network Lock imposed by Cricket or other networks (like Cricket, rogers, fido, bell, telus etc) on your Escape 3.

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