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Unlock AT&T LG X Venture

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LG’s new X Venture is a mid-range phone coming to AT&T that picks back up on the durable design of the v10 and adds even more protection from the elements.

First off I love the design of the unlock at&t LG X Venture it’s like a blend of the LG v10 and the samsung galaxy s4 active with a super grippy texturized backing that immediately communicates the phone’s focus on durability.

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The metal frame on LG X Venture is reminiscent of the stainless steel rails on the v10 and helped make the phone feel more premium than a $300 price tag would have.

You believe the LG X Venture AT&T Unlock also passes 14 mil standard 810G tests which means it’s resistant to extreme heat cold shock from drops and more in addition to its IP68 water and dust resistance translation.

LG X Venture is a very tough form now if durability doesn’t interest you don’t worry the rest of the phone’s design is pretty good too. The power button is on the side instead of LG’s typical rear placement and so are the volume buttons along with the red key LG calls the quick button more on that in a little bit the usual on-screen controls have been replaced with physical buttons.

Here with some texture on the back and recent apps buttons and a smooth home button in the middle hiding a fingerprint sensor that actually works really well. My only real complaint with the design of LG X Venture is the microUSB port its 2017 there’s just no excuse at this point for not using USB see the x-men sure spec sheet looks good not great with the snapdragon likewise the 5.2 inch 1080p display has good viewing angles and a pretty decent range of brightness but it also has a weird blueish tint with no way of fixing it the one major hardware feature that blows most other phones out of the water is the X Ventures 4100 milliamp hour battery which performs exactly as well as you’d expect from a full charge I was able to make it through two whole days of moderate usage and even after a heavy day of bluetooth streaming gaming downloading apps and pulling in dozens of slack notifications the X Venture still had plenty of juice left by midnight which can always be topped up quickly with fast charging lg software experience on the X Venture is fairly reserved running on top of Android 7.0 nougat yes there’s the same barrage of bloatware you’ll see on just about any AT&T branded phone but the rest is pretty typical LG by default there’s no app drawer on the homescreen which believe it or not I actually kind of like and if you don’t care for LG’s heavy use of white in the settings you can always just apply a theme back to that quick button from before you can customize it to do pretty much whatever you want different actions can be assigned depending on if you double click or press and hold I have set it to toggle flashlight and open the camera respectively and of course a simple press works too which by default is set to open LG’s outdoor essentials app this is basically just a hub of utilities like a barometer and a compass to highlight the phone’s active nature now despite the fairly light software on the X venture it’s not the fastest phone out there performance is actually pretty snappy throughout the UI but it stalls quite a bit when opening an app for the first time in a while those 2 gigs of ram definitely show I was pleasantly surprised with the cameras though 16 megapixels on the rear and 5 up front the X venture actually takes some pretty good looking shot even though they’re brutally / sharpened the auto white balance is great I really like the colors it produces and you can get some nice depth out of the main camera – I wish there were a secondary lens to get those cool wide-angle shots like on the LG g6 but that would have driven up the cost and there’s actually a wide angle mode on the front camera for group selfies it works pretty well but bear in mind that’s actually your only option on some third-party apps like snapchat at three hundred and thirty dollars the LG X venture is sitting in a price category that’s not without some tough competition modes like the Moto G 5 plus and the oneplus 3 offer better performance at a similar price and I would argue that for most people that don’t need a super durable phone those would probably be the better option on the flip side though the X mentor offers something it’s competition can’t which is interest-free carrier financing and $11 a month yes that locks you into 18 to services for 30 months but if you’re already there and you don’t plan on leaving anytime soon the battery life alone makes the X Venture a great deals that won’t break the bank