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Unlock AT&T LG X Power 2 Review

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This is my official LG X Power 2 review. So I’m gonna let you know should you get LG X Power 2 or should you stay away from it.

I had this Unlock AT&T LG X Power 2 with about two and a half weeks so let’s start with the bad stuff.

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The first thing I’m not feeling about this lg X Power 2 is that there’s no fingerprint sensor that means just to unlock this phone I got to go old-school with it and draw a pattern or whatever I type in my password or PIN.

Now LG I know that this is a budget device you know sending regular prices on the lg X Power 2 right here is $99.99 so $100 holo and everything like that but still you could have put a fingerprint sensor right there with our Unlock AT&T LG X Power 2. It ain’t even got to be the greatest fingerprint sensor but a fingerprint sensor. I know security is key but right about now fingerprints and iris scanners that’s the way to go so LG put a fingerprint sensor on here on lg X Power 2.

Another thing I’m not feeling about lg X Power 2 is that it comes with 16 gigs of storage on deck yeah this is 2017, 16 gigs ain’t gonna do it especially if we got a gmail account and everything and you get a whole lot of apps from your other phone or previous device or whatever you’re not gonna get all those apps because this is only rockin 16 gigs atleast come with 32 gigs on a budget of icing up LG you know I’m saying that’s unacceptable its 2017 get with it man.

Another thing I’m not feeling about LG X Power 2 is the speaker Oh first off I’m less fit I’m not feeling the speaker placement second of all the speaker sound sucks this figure is hot garbage man ain’t no finessing about it this right here I don’t recognize if you are audio pal stuff like then you bang out on your phone and everything don’t get this phone for that no no I don’t recommend this phone for you you know I’m saying so the speaker parlay down here its piss-poor like I told you guys I’m lying to keep it a ban you know I’m saying I’m gonna let you know what’s up with this phone no question about it so man this bigger is a no-go the show show all right another thing I don’t like about this phone is that LG skin that is the worst skin ever seen on a smartphone or any device ever no question about it LG please go ahead and improve that skin because that’s unacceptable even Samsung upgraded they TouchWiz and everything renamed didn’t polish it up a little bit yeah I’m saying you can do it too LG make it happen make it happen so those right there people are the four things that I don’t feel about this phone all right let’s get to the goodness because I know you’re like damn what’s left right I’m gonna tell you the good things that I like about this phone the first good thing I like about this phone is that man the battery life on here it’s a beast you talking about 4,500 milliamps people yes indeed so what an LCD display LD the LCD display rather excuse me rocking a 1080p screen this is very power efficient no question so two days straight heavy usage this phone’s gonna last it’s a champ when it comes to the battery is definitely a champ so look to your LG for optimizing the battery on his phone very dull very dull very dull now the second thing I know I was I was I was bitching and moaning about the storage yeah that’s internal storage but they did they do rather have the SD card slot on here which is cool so you can’t expand the storage of now you know that if you get this phone people it might as well bat with the SD card ASAP no question about it there there’s no other option you up said get your SD card whether whether it’s a 32 gig 64 gig or whatever give one when you get this phone because you’re gonna need it but it’s a good feature to have simply lg4 have an expandable storage on here now the next thing that I like is the call quality on here it’s crystal clear people I’m talking about man hey this is the if speak on here it’s very very nice man reminds me of the reception he did that we get on a lot of flagship devices and all that nonsense I hear the people very clear I hear everything that’s going on in the in the background and regardless if they have great noise canceling cancellation or not I still here so as far as the call quality on this phone Stella you dig no question about it another thing that I like about the strong people believe it or not yeah I know it’s plastic and I’m used to rocking glass and metal but the build quality only here it’s pretty pretty solid for the hundred dollar hollow no question no question this feels like one sturdy device and everything and it’s not bad only thing I would say is move the speaker from the back to the bottom please in a sound a lot better because right now that’s big angle do it when the design of this phone it’s pretty cool for 100 bucks no question no question and the last name that I like about this phone it’s gonna surprise you guys kind of surprised me to the cameras on this phone a pretty good for a budget advise no question about it I mean I can’t compare it against a flagship tier device something like that I’m not gonna do that I’m come up for like a hundred dollars or less or even $200 a list they camera on here ain’t bad if you don’t believe me check out these pigs this right here is a selfie out to not a bad picture right not bad for Facebook and Instagram I’m talking about the colors and everything people it’s pretty accurate I can’t like now the detailing is not in as much as some other cameras there anything Blake you’re gonna get you a good shot a good selfie with good lighting that he is you know I’m saying I didn’t do a nighttime photo anything like that because I don’t take pictures at nighttime I’m a normal person so I’m doing this review as a normal consumer normal customers usually take pictures in the daytime or where their situation is where there’s a lot of like no question about it iku this is the back camera right here if you can read the print right here on the wall that is picture then that’s a pretty damn good camera so that’s why I took this picture on purpose yes indeed yes indeed and so far I can read it yes sir then to the left for the picture you see the bush in the back with the wood chips and everything that that right there is the exact color the colors of the brush and the wood chips so as far as the the reproduction of an image yeah it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool how about seen better year or $400 yeah it’s a go you know I’m saying it is what it is I rock with it no question about it so the camera on here ain’t that bad and the storage is cheap no question that better no question no question about it now for my up-and-coming youtubers calling on the budget you know I’m saying and only get so much to spend on a device or whatever I know you’re probably wondering how’s the video quality with your boy catchy check it out this right here I’ll film you don’t Center Lee this morning as you can see the flowers and everything and the camera on the cameras video is kind of shaky because there’s no oh is on deck no image stabilization but the color reproduction ain’t bad at all it’s dope you don’t saying the only thing I don’t like about the video is is that the mic on it the mic on this phone that microphone is terrible your voice is gonna sound real nasally and tiny no no sir no sir so you’re gonna go ahead and do like vlogging or blogging and stuff like that with this phone I suggest you go to Amazon and get your laughs Mike that’s a lazy mic like this one right here and so you can get one of these for like 20 less and make it happiness sound a whole lot better than a standard LG microphone because that ain’t going to no question about it people no question about it but as far as like filming like regular blogs anything you can just take it onto your computer then do the voiceover over it and everything yeah you can do that it’s doable no question about it no doubt about it so guys I want to know your opinion what do you think about this device and I’m saying would you rock with it or not to me what I think I’m gonna give you my opinion I’m gonna keep it a ban for $100 hollow I get us a damn channel step put a stamp on it you know I’m saying it is what it is not bad they could have had a finger print cents on here and work on that speaker those of our two main gripes on his phone but hey what a deal you can’t beat it no question about it.