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AT&T LG Phoenix 3 SEACOLE Program Review

This phone right here is an LG Phoenix 3 it’s obviously an Android smartphone and these 18 Seacole programs don’t have any contracts at all. So look at it it’s got a 5-inch display camera on here is 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and apparently both the front and back camera is 5 megapixels.

The internal storage is 16 gigs and you could put an SD card for up to 32 gigs of storage. Comes with Android marshmallow 6.0. Battery is a large 2500 maH battery. How to unlock at&t LG Phoenix 3? You guessed it the plan $60 with auto play gets you unlimited data speeds up to 3 mbps etc etc. 40$ gives you six gigs of high-speed data and $25 can get you Wi-Fi data or by a packager IMEI and it’s 250 megabytes. Every five dollars get you data this goes with 79$ dollars a target.

It seems like a decent phone to me and as far as the plan is concern to be honest with you if you guys don’t want to contract it’s an okay plan but I think contractor plans these days you might be able to get either the same price or less but a lot of people get these phones because ADA don’t have credit or they’re not really big into signing contracts with with a carrier but these phones are pretty decent these days.