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10 Laws of Sales: Every Expert Agrees With

If you want to become a highly successful salesperson, there are a number of fundamental rules that need to be followed. Selling is not an easy job, but it is also not one that will let you down when you start. The laws of selling are important because they make sure that you will always be on the right track for doing your best work every day. These laws should never change, no matter how experienced or how good your sales team might be (they can always improve). Understanding these laws allows you to better understand what it takes to become a successful salesperson.

Every expert agrees with the 10 laws of sales. They are universally accepted by the industry and they will help you to better understand how to improve your ability to sell and earn more money. Selling is different than most other professions, and involves a ton of challenges. However, there are some universal rules that can be applied across industries or types of people.

If you want to be successful as a salesperson, or in any business for that matter, you need to memorize the most essential laws of being a good salesperson. The following are 10 laws every expert agrees with. If your goal is to sell well, these laws will help you understand how it can be done.

Buyers are Liars

When it comes to buyers, most of us are naturally naive. We think that the person we’re talking to is being honest and straightforward with us, when in reality they may be lying to us.

This is why it’s so important to be observant and to take things with a grain of salt. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t make sense or seems to be contradicting themselves, it’s best to call them out on it. After all, only a naive buyer believes the first thing they say.

Time Kills Deals

The second law of sales is that time kills deals. If the person you’re calling doesn’t have a lot of time left before their interest wanes, they’re less likely to make a financial commitment on the call.

If they don’t make a financial commitment on the call, they 80% of the time do not go through with the deal. This is why it’s important to be clear about your needs and what you’re looking for from the other party before making the call.

Once you have a clear understanding of their needs, it will be much easier to make a sale.That’s why “I need to think about it” can be a dangerous

Your Market And Offer

Your Market and Offer > Sales skills

There’s a closer in my community who closed a $50k deal last week…

He’s not neccesarily the “best” closer…


He speaks German too and he’s selling mostly to that market.

He’s booked solid daily.

The More Pain, The Easier to Close

Pain (and urgency) are the key factors to closing sales.

If they don’t need the offer…
or they don’t need to solve it now?

You’re not closing that sale.
Forget about it.

Tonality is King

How you ask a question is more important than the question you ask.

Last week I taught my students the framework I use…

The one problem they ALL had?
Their tonality was shit.

Bad. Terrible.

If you’re starting high ticket sales…your tonality is vital.

The Budget of a Prospect is Inversely Proportional to Their Neediness

Rich prospects don’t give much stress

The cheapest customers give the most headaches

and oh.

They ask you a lotttt of questions

Once you see this sign.
Know who you’re dealing with.

Until Your Commission is in Your Bank…The Sale is Never Closed

Doesn’t matter if they verbally agreed…swore to Allah or anything.

If you get off that call without them making a commitment?
Assume they won’t follow true.

Check Law 2.

Talk More? Lose The Sale

Talk more? Lose the sale…. Talk less…close the sale.

The more you talk…the more your chances of saying something that messes up the deal.

Silence/Listening and questions are 80% of a sales call.

Never assume…
Always clarify…
Confirm and be thorough.

You Are Not Selling Your Product

You are not selling your product…
You are selling a solution to their problems.

The only time you talk about your product is in your pitch.

But they don’t care about your product.
The care about their problem.

So stop wasting time in the pitch.
It’s not that important.

Don’t EVER Be Needy

Don’t EVER be needy…
Don’t be desperate.

Humans can sniff it like a dead rat.

Whoever (shows they) need the deal more
Loses power in the conversation.

If they need it more than you?
You win.

If you need the sales more than them?
You lose


The 10 laws of sales can help you become a better salesperson. These laws are universal, but each salesperson has their own way of applying these laws. Every sales leader in the world has his or her own way of interpreting these laws. For aspiring sales leaders, understanding the 10 laws of sales is a great place to start. These laws can be included as part of every sales training program, and using them can help to improve sales results by 10% or more. Thanks for reading!

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