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Unboxing And Review Of Cricket ZTE Overture 3

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Today we’re going to be unboxing the ZTE overture 3.

Now this is for Cricket Wireless and we’re going to go ahead and unbox this but first let’s take a look at the back at the specifications. Now it says we have scratch-resistant glass for added protection quad-core processing power and 4g LTE speeds in cricket ZTE Overture 3 whether the 5 megapixel camera on the rear with LED flash as well as a 2 megapixel front camera and you have HD video as well on the front camera so we also have HD Voice for crystal-clear conversations and that seems to be it.

Ok so the phone is at the top so we have the phone right here let’s go ahead and put that to the side we also have the wall charger right here we also have a 2035 milliamp battery pretty low but still decent we have the wall charger which is micro USB the SIM card and some literature which is basically the startup guide in English and Spanish and some other stuff like that ZTE Overture 3. So let’s go ahead and take this phone out of the baggie and wow I like the color on the back it’s kind of like a crystal blue it’s weird really nice blue on the back though kind of shiny but looks nice I like the pattern as wool looks like they’re diamond shaped.

Let’s go ahead and take off the screen protector now we we have the front facing camera right here in unlock Overtur 3 Cricket we have a headset at the top to the left of it and we also have looks to be our sensor.

Now on the screen we have a 5 inch screen now this is going to be 480p hopefully the viewing angles are good usually on these 480p WVGA screens the viewing angles are not always excellent but we’ll see what happens here we also Everett capacitive touch buttons at the bottom which is nice to see going to the right side of the phone we have our power button going to the left side our phone we have a spaced volume up and down button now I like that they put a huge space or indent and between volume buttons that’s one of my pet peeves is when there’s just one long panel along it cuz when you’re in the dark and you press on it you know you want that space in between there to you know signal that hey this is up and this is down so I really like that they have this on here going to the top of the phone we have a noise cancelling mic as well as a 3.5 millimeter head jack bottom of the phone we have our micro USB input and we have another noise cancelling mic back of the phone we have our rear shooter and our flash as well as a cricket emblem and we have a ZTE emblem right there and we have our speaker right here three little dots opening hopefully the speaker’s better than I think it will be but I’m not 100% sure about it so far.

We also have this really really nice back the camera doesn’t do it justice. I think zte overture 3 looks better definitely in person but nice texture as well we also have a removable back no we can go ahead and put our SIM card right there and you can also expand the memory it looks like right here now the battery doesn’t look absolutely amazing at two thirty two thousand thirty five milliamps but this is only a five-inch screen and we have a 480p screen as well so it’s it might be a decent battery honestly now that we pop it back on let’s go ahead and turn this phone on so I’m gonna go ahead and set this up and then I will skip to me using it and give you a quick synopsis on what I think about it so a very quick synopsis on this phone now if we go ahead and go to our settings we’re gonna go ahead and see that we actually do have Android 7.1.1 right here so that is nice to see that we have the newest Android on this phone for nougat and you know the camera that I’ve been looking at on here the rear-facing camera is actually pretty darn good I thought is going to be way worse than this but it takes pretty nice pictures to say the least honestly if you guys want to take a look at this right here pretty nice colors I thought cricket was gonna be more washed out I thought it was gonna be way more washed out so the screen actually looks very nice this wall for 480p you wouldn’t think it would look nice but it has very vibrant colors now if you go like this if you tilt it like this is the only way you’re going to wash out the colors I don’t really think you’re going to wash out the colors right there now other than that has a really good viewing angle so if you see right there great viewing angles on zte overture that’s the only way that’s gonna have bad wing angles but most people are gonna either go like that or that or straight ahead on the screen other than that that’s the only way you’re gonna wash out the screen also I like the body and I like the back of the phone I do agree with the color, color is very nice honestly I love the pattern this wool and I love how it feels in my hand we have a five inch phone right here and yeah it’s it’s honestly decent for so far very very decent.