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What is Mobile Network Unlocking and Why do People Do it?

Phone unlocking: how does it work and why is it important?

Mobile network unlocking is the process of removing the network lock that prevents your handset from being used with other networks. This means that you can switch your SIM card to another compatible network provider and enjoy their services and benefits.

Mobile network unlocking is different from bootloader unlocking or custom ROMs, which are related to modifying the software or firmware of your smartphone. Mobile network unlocking only affects the network compatibility of your mobile device, not its functionality or performance.

How Does Mobile Network Locking Work?

Mobile network locking is a practice that some network providers use to prevent their customers from using their phones on other networks. This is mostly done in North America, where carriers sell phones that won’t operate on other carrier networks. This way, they can keep their customers loyal and prevent them from switching to competitors.

In addition, buying a network locked phone from a carrier can also be advantageous Firstly, carriers may offer the phone at a discounted price or provide financing options, making the mobile phone more affordable for customers. Secondly, the carrier may provide exclusive features or services that are only available on their network, such as 5G or unlimited data plans. Thirdly, the carrier will provide technical support and warranty for the cellphone, which may not be available for an unlocked phone purchased from a third-party seller. Finally, some customers may prefer the convenience of buying a phone from their carrier and having it set up and activated on their network immediately, without the need for additional steps like unlocking the phone.

Mobile network locking is done by installing software on the smartphone that checks the SIM card’s identity and restrict its usage if it belongs to other carrier than original. The software may also display a message on the screen saying that the phone is locked and ask for an unlock code.

How Can I Unlock My Mobile Phone or GSM Device?

Depending on your network provider, your handset model, and your contract status, you may have different options to unlock your mobile phone or cellular device. Some of the usual methods are:

  • Through your network provider : The easiest and often the cheapest way to unlock your network locked phone or GSM device is to contact your orignal network provider from which you bought your phone. If you are a postpaid customer who has completed your contract term or cleared your mobile pending balance, you can request a free unlock from your network provider (different providers have different procedures for it) if you are eligible. You can also get a free unlock as a prepaid customer who has met a certain usage or time requirement like 3 month usage of original SIM etc. You have to provide your network provider with your GSM device’s IMEI number (a unique identifier that you can find by dialing *#06# on your phone) and other information they may ask. They will either unlock your smartphone from their end or send you an unlock code that you can use on your phone after inserting SIM from another carrier.
  • Using a third-party service like LetsUnlockPhone : You can STILL unlock your mobile phone with a THIRD-PARTY service that provides unlocking services for a fee if your network provider cannot help you. There are MANY online websites and local shops that are READY to unlock your phone for you. However, you should make SURE that you choose a third-party service that is reliable, trustworthy, and legal. You should review their reputation, reviews, and terms and conditions BEFORE using their service. You should also STAY AWAY from any software or app that offers to unlock your handset, as they may harm your device with malware or viruses!
  • Using a foreign SIM card: If you are traveling out of country and want to use a local SIM card of that country to avoid roaming charges, you may be able to unlock your network locked phone or GSM device by inserting local SIM card of that country and entering an unlock code upon asking. This method used to work for some older classic phones that use a standard unlock code based on the IMEI number. However, this method may not work for newer smartphones that use a different algorithm or require a unlock code from the original network provider like T-Mobile & AT&T.

Why Do People Unlock Their Phones?

There are many reasons why people may want to unlock their mobiles. Some of the benefits of network unlocking includes:

This video shows you how to unlock a phone so that you can use it with any SIM card. The video is easy to follow and will help you unlock your phone in no time.
  • SAVE MONEY : Network Unlocking your phone allows you to switch to some other cheaper SIM-only plan on another network provider that offers better deals, coverage, or features. You can also avoid roaming charges when traveling to another country by using a local SIM card of that country instead of your orignal carrier’s SIM card.
  • CHOICE EXPANSION : Unlocking your phone gives you more freedom and flexibility to choose the network provider that suits your needs. You can compare different plans and deals from different network carriers and switch anytime without being tied to a contract.
  • VALUE ENHANCEMENT : Unlocking your phone makes it more appealing and attractive to potential buyers if you want to sell it . Unlocked phones tend to sell for more than locked ones because they can be used on any compatible network.
  • SIM FLEXIBILITY : Unlocking your cellular device allows you to use multiple SIM cards on the same phone. This can be useful if you want to have different numbers for different purposes, such as personal, work, family, or friends. You can also switch between SIM cards depending on your requirements, such as using one SIM card for calls and another for data.
    Some smartphones support dual SIM functionality, which means you can insert two SIM cards(or more) at once and use them simultaneously. This has several advantages , such as:
    • WIDENED NETWORK : You can enjoy the services and coverage of two different networks, which can help you avoid coverage gaps and signal loss in remote locations.
    • EASE OF CARRYING : You only need to carry one dual SIM smartphone, instead of two or more, which can save you space, lessen your weight, and give you hassle free experience.
    • MULTIPLE SERVICE PROVIDERS : You can take advantage of the best deals and plans from different carriers, which can save you money and give you more options and features.
    • SEPARATE WORK FROM PERSONAL LIFE: You can keep your work and personal numbers separate, which can help you maintain a healthy balance and avoid unwanted calls or messages in your home time.
In this video, you will learn how to unlock an Android phone step-by-step for any GSM sim card. The video is easy to follow and will help you unlock your phone in no time.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Mobile Network Unlocking?

Mobile network unlocking is generally a beneficial and harmless process that can give you more freedom and flexibility with your cellular device. However, there are some potential drawbacks that you should be aware of before unlocking your device. Some of them are:

  • Warranty issues: Unlocking your smartphone may void your warranty or affect your eligibility for repairs or replacements from your original network provider or manufacturer. This may depend on the terms and conditions of your contract and the method of unlocking you use other than official method. You should check with your carrier before unlocking your mobile phone to avoid any warranty issues, or unlock your phone after expiry of warranty period.
  • Compatibility issues: Unlocking your cell phone does not guarantee that it will work on any network you choose. There may be compatibility issues depending on the type of network technology (GSM, CDMA, LTE, etc.), frequency bands, and carrier settings that your smartphone supports. You should check with your desired network provider before unlocking your cellular device to ensure that it is compatible with their network.
  • Security issues: you may expose your mobile to security risks such as malware, viruses, hacking, or theft by unlocking it through illegal or unofficial methods. This may depend on the method of unlocking you use and the source of the unlock code or service you use. You should be careful when choosing a third-party service or software to unlock your phone or device and avoid any suspicious or illegal sources. LetsUnlockPhone is one of the trusted network unlock provider with more than 5000 reviews.


Smartphone network unlocking is the process of allowing a mobile phone device to use a different network than the one it was originally purchased from. This can give you many benefits such as saving money, increasing choice, adding value, and using multiple SIM cards. However, there are also some drawbacks such as warranty issues, compatibility issues, and security issues that you should consider before unlocking your phone.

GSM network unlocking is a common and legal practice that can enhance your mobile experience and give you more freedom and flexibility with your handset. However, you should always do your research and follow the proper steps and precautions before unlocking your cellphone to avoid any problems or complications.

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