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Here’s How Helping Others With Their Niche Site Helped Me

Heres How Helping Others With Their Niche Site Helped Me

Helping others almost always has benefits to the person helping – some are obvious, others less so…

I’ve spent the morning helping a couple of friends with their relatively new (and first ever) niche site…

Here’s how it helped me…

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It Felt Good

nothing beats the feeling of helping others when your prime motivation is pure – just simply to help them.

I didn’t have any special plans for this site but I was determined to help it succeed. I knew that it took time and effort but there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a project come together over time.

I started off by uploading a bunch of articles from my previous sites and adding them to the content directory. Then I reached out to other people who were already doing niche sites like them, asking if they wanted to collaborate on some articles as well. One person agreed and we started working together on bringing out some amazing content for this site:

Reminds You Of How Far You’ve Come

Some of the mistakes seemed obvious, but I made them all myself back in the day – being reminded of this is helpful because it reminds me of the mistakes that I made in the past, and helps me to avoid them in the future.


There’s nothing like the thrill of discovering a huge batch of potentially profitable keywords that are achievable, and that excitement never gets old.

Honing Skills

Working with a theme I’ve not used before opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist with a different theme.

Working with a new theme was definitely an eye-opening experience. It taught me a lot about the possibilities that exist when you use a different theme, and it opened up a whole new world of blog design for me to explore.

The Unexpected

I mentioned a couple of my own projects at the meeting. One of the friends is training in the exact subject topic and needs to write as part of her course.

I now have a new paid writer who will be fully qualified and will have the perfect EAT credentials 🎉🎉

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