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Unlock Cricket LG Risio 2 Review

unlock lg risio 3

Today we have the LG Risio 2.

Cricket LG Risio 2 phone costs $30 and it is on the cricket Network. Unlock LG Risio 2 is a good size and that’s a five inch screen with VGA quality.

Unlock LG Risio 3

However that is to be expected from a $30 phone but LG Risio 2 does do the job pretty well.

The screen is bright and does the job totally fine. Unlock LG Risio 2 Cricket looks great with a totally flush design at the front and a silver back with the camera splash and a power. The power button does not have a fingerprint scanner built-in though it does take some getting used to for having the power button on the back.

The speaker is also on the back but when putting on table it does sound a bit muffled but you can still hear. This is the sound quality when put on a table. As you can see it does sound a bit muffled but still pretty good. For $30 from this is a sound quality when the phone is held in your head as you can see this sounds amazing for $30 from the volume buttons are on the left side however the buttons do feel very cheap.

The microUSB port and the headphone jack on LG Risio 2 are both on the bottom and the microphone is have to talk the call quality is good on the phone side a video person on the other line won’t be able to hear you very loudly the front-facing camera is a 2 megapixel it takes amazing shots with $30 phone it also has a flash which is on the screen that part is very similar to an iPhone 7 however it is not as strong and not as noticeable the rear facing camera is OK it is grainy even in areas with good lighting in low-light it is absolutely terrible however there’s a flash on the back to help with that so overall don’t expect the best shots from the back camera it has 16 gigabytes of internal storage without 10 gigabytes available to the user you can expand the storage up to 32 gigabytes with a micro SD card which comes out of an additional cost I will leave the links in the description of where you can buy this phone so overall this is a great phone for 30 dollars it’s a great backup phone or it can be your daily phone if you don’t want to pay $600 or more for a fun that’s a great design and overall looks like a more premium phone than what it actually is.