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How To Unlock AT&T LG K20

If you have bought LG K20 From AT&T you need to consider some things. Buying a contract based phone saves you some cost but also cost you some. Because contract based phones doesn’t work on other networks. This state of phone is named many names such as IMEI locked phone, network locked phone, sim locked phone, but whatever you call it, it certainly poses problems for you. What problems you might ask, let me tell you. It causes you problems such as some time you are in dire need of changing the sim in your phone, you might be in some area that’s out of coverage of your current network, or you might be going abroad, for work or vacation, and you want to change your sim for suitable roaming charges or you want to buy and use sim card from your destination place, but you can’t do that, because your phone does not allow you to change your network, it just takes away that freedom.

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