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Unlock Cricket ZTE Blade X Max Z983 Review

CRICKET ZTE Blade X Max Unlock Code

Today I’m gonna provide you with my review on the ZTE Blade x max.

As many of you guys know it’s little brother the Z max pro was one of my favorite phones last year so I was excited for the opportunity to test Unlock cricket ZTE Blade X Max out and let you guys know my personal experience.

unlock zte blade x max

First thing I want to talk about is the price. This phone is exclusive to Cricket Wireless and has a port in price of $99 an upgrade price of $129.99.

Keep in mind this is the pricing at the time of this article. I’ve been using it primarily with Cricket Wireless though I have had the phone unlock for use on other GSM carriers just in case you guys are interested in this I’ll place a card in this video if you’re considering this phone chances are you’re okay with this large size the 6 inch device is something that I’ve had to get used to on a x max per last year. ZTE has also included what they’ve coined me pop which is a shortcut that can be enabled in the settings to aid with one-handed use it also still needs a little bit more work but I’m glad to see it included and I’m also hoping that they will continue to look for other software features and future devices to help with one-handed use.

One of the main selling points of this cricket zte blade x max is a 1080p screen and boy does it not disappoint the IPS LCD capacitive panel is pleasing to the eye making TV shows and YouTube videos even more enjoyable to watch multi window is now available on a ZTE Blade x max since this phone is running Android smoothly in my unboxing video I don’t think I gave this phone a design acknowledgement that it deserves it’s made entirely of plastic yet it still has a great feel to it the glossy blue shimmery back is just gorgeous to look at in person but it will show fingerprints so I tend to keep it in a smart folio case continuing on with the design the buttons are positioned in a place that makes them easy to reach and while I’m still not a fan of the speaker on the back of the phone I have to admit that it does get pretty loud Dolby audio is also included.

If you feel the need to tweak this further the fingerprint reader isn’t as surprising this year to see it on this ZTE Blade X Max as it is quickly becoming the norm and my time using it it has been pretty accurate and even slightly faster than that of my zmax pro the phone does include quick charge 2.0 and a USB type-c port which is not included on a lot of budget devices so I can appreciate the ZTE put this on this device and my testing Ifound the charging time to take about two hours to fully charge from zero to a hundred percent so if the battery isn’t completely depleted the charging time will be quicker speaking of battery this phone features a sealed in 3400 milliamp hour battery and the snapdragon 435 does battery life has been great I can get about five to six hours of screen on time depending on my use this phone comes equipped with 32 gigabytes of internal storage and up to is also an option to format the SD card as internal storage jumping into the camera it will get the job done but you shouldn’t expect it to be on a level with flagships the phone features a 5 megapixel front-facing camera and a 13 megapixel rear camera it offers manual panorama multi exposure and time-lapse modes the camera performs better in well-lit areas and it struggles a bit in low-light call quality has been OK for me however different callers have reported that I sound a bit muffled but for the most part I was able to hear the caller’s fine on my end but this being said I’ve had issues with t-mobile in the past as well so my location may have a lot to do with it if you have this device let me know if you’re having any call quality issues in the comments below another thing that I would like to add given the phone’s large size is if you’re on a call for longer than 30 minutes I would recommend using headphones or the speakerphone I’ve had good experiences with both as for gaming I had my husband test out some of his favorite games to see how they performed on his device and he stated that for the most part they performed pretty smoothly the large screen actually allowed for the experience to be a little bit more enjoyable but keep in mind these games are not too graphic intensive so I still would recommend checking out gaming reviews if this is a deal-breaker for you my time with this phone has been pretty impressive considering its price range however just like any device that does have its shortcomings such as the phone is lacking NFC dual band Wi-Fi and I’ve experienced a YouTube issue with the screen going black and the audio still playing I found that it doesn’t happen all the time however it still is quite annoying when it does this is something that ZTE should be able to fix in an update so I’m looking forward to this matter being addressed another issue that I ran into was a screen automatically going to sleep in 10 seconds despite it being set to sleep after five minutes of no use after troubleshooting the issue with the ZTE community we found that it was because I had set the device up using it Android device to fix this issue I had to do a factory reset and set the device up as new I’m hoping this issue will also be addressed in a future update to conclude my experience with this device has been very similar to my experience with the zmax pearl overall the phone performs quite well and having Android nougat on board allowed me to utilize this large screen a bit more with split screen apps the device is far from perfect but I can say that I recommend it specifically to those who loved or never experienced a zmax pro and who also want the latest version of Android as I think it’s safe to say that nougat is not coming to the zmax pro however if this phone does not seem like a big enough upgrade for you I would recommend checking out the successor to the zmax pearl the ZTE Blade x max that was just released on metro pcs as always thank you guys for taking the time to watch this video and thanks again to the ZTE community for making this review possible