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Unlock Cricket Motorola Moto G6 Forge Review

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Hey what’s up guys the Unlock cricket moto G 6 forge carrier is the middle sibling of this year’s g6 family both feature wise and price wise.

As a budget phone what does it bring to the table and is it worth looking into and this is our Moto G 6 review.

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The Sim Network Unlock Cricket Moto G6 Forge has a snazzy appearance the gorilla glass back panel and the aluminum frame all have a glossy Shine. The design of the back is typical Motorola around camera bump houses the dual cameras in the LED flash forming a little phase the glass actually curves in toward the frame they meet at a ridge which helps a bit with gripping this otherwise slippery fall hours came with a clear rubber case included.

if you prefer something even grippy a taking up most of the front is the tall 5.7 inch display it’s an IPS LCD with a 1080p resolution at 424 PPI content looks sharp and blacks are pretty deep for an LCD the screen has decent max brightness at 460 nits and even up to 560 in auto mode in bright conditions sunlight legibility is good but not as good as the g6 plus there’s also something called moto display which shows you timer notifications when a new one comes in or if the phone detects your hand this takes a place of a notification LED below the display is the front mounted fingerprint reader it’s always on and accurate but the waking up animation is kind of slow.

You can opt to use a fingerprint reader for navigation instead of on-screen keys swipe right to switch between recent apps so I’ve left to go back and tap to go home pressing and holding the sensor for a short time will lock the screen while a longer press will summon the Google assistant the Moto G 6 is earpiece also doubles as a front-facing loudspeaker loudness is excellent along with the g6 Plus this is one of the loudest phones we’ve tested so far plus the sound is rich with no distortions and also plug in headphones to the 3.5 millimeter jack next to the USB C port audio through headphones is solid it allowed us this only average and stereo separation tested out a bit lower than the competition with headphones plugged in you also get an onboard FM radio as well as a Dolby audio equalizer the Moto G sixes card slot has room for two independent Sims as well as a micro SD for expandable storage on top of the the g6 is build is pretty solid and while the phone is an IP rated Moto does standby a splash resistance ye electronics inside are covered by a water repellent coating at the heart of the Moto G 6 is a Snapdragon 450 chipset leave the 3 or 4 gigs of RAM it does fine it can handle tasks and gaming pretty smoothly and it stays cool without excess heating but in graphics benchmarks scores lower than competition that are running Snapdragon 600 series chipsets the Moto G 6 has a 3000 milliamp hour battery but unfortunately battery life is less in stellar in turn a below-average endurance rating of 64 hours and our proprietary tests mainly do a relatively high power draw during standby you can charge this battery up decently fast though for the included 15 watt turbo charger we go from 0 to 43 percent battery in 30 minutes and a full recharge took 80 minutes though it isn’t an Android 1 phone the Moto G 6 is OS is basically stock Android 8.0 Oreo there are just a few added features provided by moto which include the custom gestures the fingerprint reader navigation and the camera app everything else is provided through Google’s apps and services like the Handy face unlock feature included with Android the Moto G the bright F 1.8 lens there’s no OIS and there is regular autofocus not dual pixel like on the G 6 plus the secondary 5 megapixel camera is only there to provide depth info for portrait mode daylight images from the Moto G 6 turn out nice with a decent amount of resolved detail great contrast little noise and accurate and lively colors we’ve seen wider dynamic range though auto HDR is normally on by default switch this off and dynamic range takes a plunge though you do get a little more sharpness it supplies for nice shots to the Moto G 6 take some good shots after dark helped by the bright F 1.8 lens pictures have low noise good contrast and enjoyable colors the result detail isn’t great but it’s not bad either the deaf sensor comes into play in portrait mode the D focusing on the background can be adjusted and looks quite convincing subject separation is pretty good though is sometimes has problems with the edges around hair the 8 megapixel selfie cam is f 2.2 with fixed focus as an LED flash – for taking shots in the dark selfies have decent detail and low crisp well pleasing skin tones video capture is limited to 1080p on the Moto G 6 there’s no 4k lock on the G 6 plus at which works quite well there’s great contrast low noise and lively colors in a decent amount of detail dynamic range is a bit narrow though so the Moto G 6 for around 250 bucks you get a nice looking build but charging stock Android and a camera that performs pretty well most phones in this price point come with shortcomings oh and the Moto G 6 is no exception here it’s a below average battery life if you can live with that then the g6 is a solid mid-range phone at a pretty good price.