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Unlock Cricket Moto E5 Cruise Complete Review

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Are you looking for a great and affordable smartphone for $99 that works well and won’t give you any problems, well if so then continue reading because I think the Moto e5 cruise might be the smart phone for you.

This specific version of the Unlock Cricket Moto E5 Cruise is the Cricket Wireless carrier version and at the moment this is an exclusive device for cricket.

unlock Moto E5 cruise

Now there are some technical differences between the Moto E5 cruise and the other Moto E5 phones that are offered on other carriers so pay close attention to the specs.

The Cricket Moto E5 Cruise unlock network features 4G LTE connectivity a 1.4 gigahertz Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor 2 gigabytes of RAM 16 gigabytes of internal memory and has support for up to 256 gigabytes of microSD card expansion.

In addition the Moto E5 Cruise features a 5.2 inch 720p display an 8 megapixel camera on the rear a 5 megapixel camera on the front and there’s an LED flash on both the front and back cameras there’s an FM radio inside and there’s a twenty eight hundred million power battery that is removable. Now the front-facing flash and removable battery are the two features that are fairly unique to oto E5 Cruise I don’t see that too often on many other budget phones.

In the box of Moto E5 Cruise we have a variety of items we have the wall adapter for charging we have the micro USB cable for charging and data transfer we have the battery we have some warranty and informational literature and finally we have the actual Moto E5 cruise itself.

The actual Moto E5 Cruise itself is very sleek and stylish on the front we have the earpiece front camera front flash and the 5.2 inch display with on-screen navigation buttons on the left side we have nothing on the right side we have the power button and volume rocker on the bottom we have the microphone and microUSB port on the top we have the noise cancelling mic and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the back we have the camera module with its flash samoto and cricket branding and the back cover comes off so you can install the battery SIM card and SD card.

The Moto E5 Cruise comes pre-loaded with minimal cricket bloatware which I appreciate I dislike when carriers install a bunch of gimmicky and useless apps so it’s good to see that that’s not the case here the actual operating system itself is of course Android and it’s close to stock and runs well the device runs Android feel that giving this device a lower resolution 720p display was a good decision because it helps the battery life and puts a lot less strain on the processor and RAM which is not lacking at all in power to start with you’re gonna get some solid battery life with the Moto E5 Cruise and having that removable battery means that you can always get additional batteries if you think it’s necessary and it’s always nice having that option now there are a few features that are missing from the Moto E5 cruise that are probably not there because of its affordable price tag there’s no USB type-c support on this device there is no fingerprint sensor which is making its way to a bunch of other budget and sets and there’s no wireless charging I can personally live though without all of those features video content on the Moto E5 Cruise plays fine the device has decent internal speakers for its price range and the performance of the device is nice and responsive the split window feature works very well on this device which conveniently gave me the ability to watch a video and browse the web at the same time the cameras on this device are decent the quality isn’t going to be nearly as good with what you get on some of the latest flagship phones but the Moto E5 Cruise will produce photos and videos that are worth keeping motorola is known for their impressive call quality and then reputation is reinforced by the Moto E5 Cruise in conclusion this is a great device for $99 it runs smoothly it has a large display with great-looking colors and it takes good-looking photos and videos now remember that there are other variants of this device and this review only applies to the Moto E5 Cruise.