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Unlock Cricket LG Harmony Unboxing And Review

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Today I’ve got another affordable device I’d like to share with you guys this is from Cricket Wireless and this is the LG harmony.

Now the LG Harmony Cricket unlock has actually been out for several months I never picked it up when it was first launched but I’m pretty sure there are people still considering picking up this device on Cricket Wireless.

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You can also get this for about Wireless or $69.99 with new number or current customer phone upgrade as you can see from the back of the box right there are some specifications.

You are getting at 5.3 inch HD display quad-core processor 8 megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash 5 megapixel front facing camera.

Let’s go ahead and open up the box and as you can see open up the box you are presented with your Cricket LG Harmony unlock. I’m gonna go ahead and take this out we’re just going to glance at it real quick. I am gonna put this off to the side because I’m going to share with you what else is included with the purchase so putting the LG harmony off to the side underneath this flap right here gives you all the contents included like your clear and simple Quick Start Guide.

Now this is actually pretty informative as you can see it gives you all types of information about the phone setup the touch screen the way you can personalize the LG Harmony and also included is your removable 2,800 milliamp hour battery so it’s actually a pretty good size considering this is a you get your Cricket Wireless SIM card and your terms and condition something on you’re also getting your micro USB data cable so no type-c on the LG harmony as well as your travel adapter and this just looks like your basic wall brick doesn’t look like there’s gonna be any type of fast charging with LG harmony and to the LG harmony itself here so here we go take a look at the front you are getting the 5 megapixel front facing camera you got your earpiece right there you do that LG branding and let’s go ahead and navigate around the LG harmony taking a look at the right-hand side as you see there is no buttons whatsoever I really do like this design I like how it does kind of curve and slope to the bottom there and to the bottom of the LG harmony you getting your three five millimeter headphone jack your microphone and your micro USB charging port taking a look at the left-hand side you do have your volume rockers right there they definitely look like they’re position pretty nice they’re not too high but not too low at the same time take a look up on top all you have there is your noise cancellation mic and let’s take a look at the back of the LG harmony because right there is the eight megapixel rear facing camera your LED flash and your power button unfortunately that is not a fingerprint sensor it is just the power button also like how the back camera is pretty flush to the back right there and to the bottom of the LG Harmony you got your LG branding as well as a back firing speaker and with this back cover here it is gonna provide some pretty good grip in the hand overall I definitely liked the design and build to the LG harmony very sleek looking it reminds me a whole lot of the LG K 20 plus for MetroPCS of course it does not have that fingerprint sensor just a power button to the back now with this being pretty much an all plastic built smartphone except for the glass front the back is removable getting you access to SIM card as well as you can input a micro SD card if you need to to expand the storage I really like the fact that you are getting a pretty decent sized battery 2800 milliamp hour you can always buy spare batteries off eBay or Amazon if you need to and swap them out as your day goes let’s go ahead and power on the LG harmony and then I’ll go ahead and remove this welcome to Cricut we’re thrilled you’re here screen protector so there we go LG life’s good powered by Android so I’m going to go ahead and get this all set up and I’ll give you some more hands-on with the LG harmony the setup process is complete again that is not a fingerprint sensor it is just the power button you get the double tap to sleep double tap to wake option as well this nice 5.3 inch HD display it honestly the display doesn’t look that bad it actually looks pretty nice and of course you have your Google folder right there for maps YouTube your photos so you do have that and then go ahead and X out that Google folder and got your contacts Gmail Play Store and see what else we got here to take a look at as you can see you do got some preinstalled applications there some curricula Wireless bloatware some games you got LG smart world and I believe a lot of these are gonna be able to be uninstalled so let’s go ahead and uninstall that and as you can see there you are able to uninstall it what’s neat is you can actually retrieve your uninstalled applications within 24 hours so you do have that option which is actually pretty neat and of course you do have your on-screen buttons to the bottom there let’s go ahead and jump into the messaging application ugh let me just share with you the keyboard and the basic layout of it and for those that are interested in what type of emojis the LG harmony does have on its stock messaging keyboard those are pretty much the different ones that you have available so I’ll go through just a couple there and let’s go ahead and exit out of the messaging application now and back to the home screen now so you know the LG harmony does see an out seem pretty responsive pretty fluid if you long press on the home screen you get into your widgets wallpapers home screen settings and then your uninstalled applications as well pling down the status bar as you can see we do have nougat on board as well as all your different quick toggles to choose from like capture plus Wi-Fi sound rotation do-not-disturb as well as data saver you can also just drag an icon to add it into the status bar or you can remove it you can also input volume so when you pull down the status bar you can actually have quick access to your volume as well as your brightness and so yeah let’s go ahead and jump into settings and I’m gonna go ahead and share with you you know a little bit around settings where you have all the LG harmony so of course you get your Wi-Fi your Bluetooth with your data manager and when it comes to Wi-Fi it doesn’t appear like this can connect to the 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi as you can see there it’s not picking up any whatsoever backing up out of there and there’s also no NFC on this you do got the mobile hotspot and tethering so that is a good option you have available into sounds and notification so if you know if you’re coming from another LG device it’s all going to look very familiar to you you get all these great features within sound and notifications like ringtone ID sounds with vibration into display now you get your home screen option there lock screen different themes to choose from you can also switch up the home touch buttons so you have that option available comfort view auto rotate screen and screen time out and then moving on from there go ahead and jump into general so you got your language and keyboard options location account and sync you got shortcut keys here so you can get you know quick access to capture plus as well as the camera and go ahead and back up out of there and then for your security features again the LG harmony since it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor again that is just a power button I know a lot of people were confused if it was a fingerprint sensor I read some other comments and other videos but your security features a swipe knock code pattern pin and password and then moving on from there into internal storage so you do get 16 gigabytes of internal storage and out of the box 7.4 8 gigabytes has been used but of course you can always input a micro SD card to expand it and then going into about phone and I’ll go ahead and take a look at the software info as you can see up on top this is on Android security patch so it is a little bit behind on the security patch but hopefully the LG harmony will receive future updates but as of now it is on the camera interface real quick so again you have an 8 megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash and a 5 megapixel front facing camera with auto shot you got the little pull down feature right there’s four quick sharing of your photos and you do that the auto focus which does appear to be working pretty good there as you can see and you got your different controls to the side there and you got your different filters I got about nine different filters to choose from everyone do like some black and white photos you do have that available as well and it’s going to take a look we’ll go and put this back to no filters there and then if you want to get quick access just swipe up on the display there to get into your five megapixel front-facing camera and you do got that gesture shot available there it goes so you know pretty cool feature with the LG Harmony’s a 5 megapixel front facing camera you also got a flash option which is basically just going to illuminate the display for some better low-light photos with the front-facing camera but overall you know it’s looking pretty decent here video resolution the highest is gonna be Full HD you got HDR option on this timer you got the cheese shutter option tag location gridlines into video recording real quick here as you can see you know a little bit of the type of quality to expect with the 8 megapixel rear facing camera you also have the option to pause and resume and you can take a photo while you are recording as well so again just a quick look at the camera interface here for the LG harmony well that’s pretty much it for my unboxing and hands-on of the LG harmony again you can pretty much pick this up on Cricket Wireless for about $20 if you decide to port your number over it does look like a pretty decent smartphone let me know what you guys think about the LG harmony in the comment section below if you own one of these devices what’s your experience with it if you enjoyed this unboxing hands-on stick that that thumbs up buddy please subscribe to the channel for more future videos this is Paul Tech and I’ll talk to you in the next one bye