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Unlock AT&T ZTE Maven 3 Review

AT&T ZTE Maven 3 Unlock Code

So this is my ZTE Maven 3 a TNT full review.

So first I want to talk about aesthetics of unlock at&t zte Maven 3 so for a device that only cost you $30 on 18th I personally think this is a beautiful device. The back of the phone as you can see has a slate’ish feel to it you can see it has a slate feel to it I love the feel this back I wish they can incorporate it on a little more ZTE devices.

unlock zte maven 3

I love this feel it’s like a sandstone backing that can actually be removed so if we take a look I can remove this backing by a little knob tap to actually reveal our whole battery. Now that’s not something you see every day in a device as you can see it is flexible but it’s not something you see.

So ZTE Maven 3 has up to 32 gigs of SD card storage plus the built-in storage that came pre-installed already and then the sides of the device are technically plastic and as you can see it looks a little like a fake’ish metal but I know it feels plastic for sure.

The one thing I don’t like in unlock at&t ZTE Maven 3 is the power button isn’t texture it’s not like a cheap feeling texture which I love better than just smooth but you can differentiate it for sure and then the camera hump also isn’t that bad.

Then the front of the ZTE Maven 3 is another place that doesn’t look too bad for a 5-inch display you get your three capacitive buttons and then on top you get a ton of finger prints. Then you get also an LED light right up there and the other thing you get is your camera and your screen. The screen on zte Maven 3 literally isn’t that bad like if I go like this three dots am I going to go over to this screen right here and I will zoom into it as can see this isn’t that bad so let me turn off auto brightness here turn it down more it really isn’t bad I think it’s a beautiful screen like for what it is I think it looks beautiful I think it looks vibrant for being only 480 TFT panel I think it looks vibrant and it comes with a ton of different software built into it already 7.1.1 comes built in so as you can see I haven’t loaded up much on here at all or anything at all really I did I tried some stuffs nothing would actually load for me and from here I went through and I just tested it out calling and texting on it and taking pictures too so in my opinion I love the picture quality I did a video that I will link down below just for camera I think the video wasn’t the best but the picture quality for this device blew me away like I was surprised that how good the picture quality came out for a dis device 5 megapixel rear camera 720p video and fun and a 2 megapixel front camera 720p video and they’ve also Lumia way in terms of what they did and for the poor performance of the device I was able to text fast and call people well that worked out the battery lasted me all day of calling and texting people it has a headphone jack for you people that care and it has a micro USB charger and what came in the box I’ll list I’ll link the initial getting video down below the unboxing video where the don’t where what happened was it came with just the micro USB and the brick and for what it is is beautiful I think it’s nice it feels nice in the hand it’s not too big not too small that’s what she’s personally I’d like a bigger device but it doesn’t feels great I think the back if it were a little more sandstone II and not just a little bit cheaper feeling I think it would be a little better but for what I did feels excellent now everything on this device is great if you want spent 30 bucks one gig of ram a gigs of storage with like three four gigabytes usable now people say it’s bad some people say whatever I say if you’re looking for a cheap device maybe to get your kids for only 30 bucks you get them a device that can blast them for a little bit maybe you just want to teach them the values of owning the phone but you want to be smartphone so they can text their friends maybe even do snapchat if that’s what they do and you just want if it reloads on this phone but you just want to show them maybe you’re also scared that they’re gonna break the phone or at least my mom did this she did it where she did it where she bought me a cheaper smartphone at the time was expensive but I mean I’m calling it cheaper now because technically it was cheaper than the cheap smartphones the budget smartphones at that time and I now I buy my own phones for myself so maybe you want to teach them that maybe they’re earning up to her towards their first phone but you want to actually just give them their first phone maybe they’re and it’s something whatever it is I think this is a perfect phone for that I’d recommend this phone to anybody looking please don’t get mad one gig of ram 8 gigs of storage with 4 gigabytes approximately 4 gigabytes usable not bad at all I think it’s great for what it is and a great starter phone for any kid out there.