Refund Policy

In short, buyer can cancel an order under 1 hour to get a refund. In case of wrong info from buyer about the phone or phone is hard locked or lost or stolen there will be no refund. In any case if we cant unlock your phone or unlock code or service doesn’t work, then after providing further proof customer will get a refund.

When can a buyer request a refund?

  • Customer can request a refund under one hour of order placement. After that time we will process your order and your order will not be eligible for refund.

In which case buyer will get a refund?

  • We will always try to resolve the issue first  if an unlock code provided by  has not worked, there could be some simple reason for that and our technical staff can help you with that.
  • If in a rare case that does not work out and your phone still has a network lock or sim lock, we will refund a sale if eligible.

In which case buyer will not get a refund?

  • In case customer has provided wrong information (that is wrong IMEI number or network operator) about the phone in question, costumer will not get  a refund.
  • Unlock codes issued by, for phones that are reported lost or stolen or blacklisted, are not eligible for refunds.
  • In cases where phone is hard locked because of too many attempts with wrong unlock code and there is 0 unlock attempt left, the customer will not receive a refund.
  • Please check unlock code screen by inserting other network sim card. If unlock code screen doesn’t pop up, then there will be no refund for it.
  • If you provide an email address that isn’t valid or cannot be accessed by you for any reason this will not be taken as a reason to refund an order.
  • In the event that a refund is required because of a mistake made by the buyer due to an unsupported model, incorrect IMEI number, or any other buyer error, a refund shall be given after a $3 Processing Fee to cover payment processing and employee time expenses IF the order has not already been processed and a code has NOT already been sent. If a code has already been sent there will be no refund because of buyer error.
  • Some times delivery of unlock code can b a little late because of too much load on the system, there will be no refund if the delivery is late.

What would be required from buyer to get a refund?

  • In case we have delivered and verified the order against the details customer provided us and the phone is still locked, we reserve the right to ask for further  evidence like video evidence to support any claims that the phone has not been unlocked and our service did not remove the network.
  • We suggest you should make video while unlocking your phone. A video will be required as evidence that your phone is not unlocked after we provided unlock code. The video should display clearly the IMEI number of the phone in question and the customer inserting an alternative sim card in the phone and unlock screen popping up and entering unlock code in the phone according to instructions. There should be no break in that video. The video must be posted to an online video service such as so that we can check that out.
  • These measures may seem a little extreme to most, however due to the electronic nature of our business, we have no other way to determine whether an unlock attempt has been successful or not, and our vendors require evidence in order to issue us a refund for failed codes.