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8 Soft Skills and Their Action Words to Show on Your Resume

If you’re looking to boost your employment prospects, you may be tempted to list every skill you have on your resume. However, unless an employer is specifically looking for the skills you list on your resume, they may overlook your qualifications.

93% of employers want to see soft skills on your resume, but where do you even start?

You need to show, not tell, what soft skills you have on your resume.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 8 soft skills and action words that can help improve your resume. Use these action words (with examples) to demonstrate your soft skills on your resume. Let’s get started!

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10 Laws of Sales: Every Expert Agrees With

If you want to become a highly successful salesperson, there are a number of fundamental rules that need to be followed. Selling is not an easy job, but it is also not one that will let you down when you start. The laws of selling are important because they make sure that you will always be on the right track for doing your best work every day. These laws should never change, no matter how experienced or how good your sales team might be (they can always improve). Understanding these laws allows you to better understand what it takes to become a successful salesperson.

Every expert agrees with the 10 laws of sales. They are universally accepted by the industry and they will help you to better understand how to improve your ability to sell and earn more money. Selling is different than most other professions, and involves a ton of challenges. However, there are some universal rules that can be applied across industries or types of people.

If you want to be successful as a salesperson, or in any business for that matter, you need to memorize the most essential laws of being a good salesperson. The following are 10 laws every expert agrees with. If your goal is to sell well, these laws will help you understand how it can be done.

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12 Cognitive Biases: How to Improve Your Thinking

We are going to be explaining 12 cognitive biases in this article and presenting them in a format that you can easily understand to help you make better decision in your life.

Cognitive biases are flaws in logical thinking that clear the path to bad decisions, so learning about these ideas can reduce errors in your thought process, leading to a more successful life.

These biases are very closely related to logical fallacies, which may help you win an argument or present information better.

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