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MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy A6 Review

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Today we review the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy A6 a new affordable phone with a gorgeous Super AMOLED screen a compact size and a sturdy metal body and we’ll test this camera battery and more to find out how good it is.

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Let’s get started the big appeal of the galaxy A6 is clearly its compact size with minimal bezels around this 5.6 inch screen the a6 is just slightly bigger than an iPhone 8 and it’s very comfortable to use with just one hand and to keep in a pocket. The phone is made of metal and it feels sturdy plus it’s more shallow proof than the glass that many other phone makers are using. The body itself is still thin and elegant which is a nice bonus.

On the right side you have a power key and on the left side you get two separate volume buttons. On the bottom you can find the microUSB port for charging no USB-C here. You also get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the bottom so you can easily plug in Wired headphones without adapters.

On the back is a single camera that bulges out slightly and the fingerprint scanner. Below the scanner is within easy reach and works very accurately but we didn’t notice a slight delay between the moment you place your finger and the moment the device unlocks. You also have face recognition built-in to register your face simply look at the phone for a few seconds simple and easy. Face recognition works well during the day and it even recognizes me with sunglasses on but it’s not so reliable in low-light and it is not as secure as a fingerprint scanner.

With relatively slim bezels most of the front of the phone is occupied by the 5.6 inch Super AMOLED screen the Super AMOLED screen technology is more advanced than the LCD screens used on other phones and produces more impressive punchy colors and this is one of the main advantages of the galaxy a6 over the competition however there is a catch and the catch is screen resolution.

Samsung has really cheap tout and the Asics screen has a lowly 720 by see some pixelization the Asics for the samsung experience on top of android 8.0 oreo but this being an affordable Samsung phone don’t expect much in terms of future software updates still Samsung’s UI looks modern and comes with a few solid apps like great calendar weather and gallery apps and you also have the not so useful Bigsby system we are seeing more affordable phones offer a true full screen experience with gesture navigation but unfortunately Samsung is behind on this and there is no support for gesture navigation here under the hood the galaxy a6 runs on a samsung exynos 700 sesor which is similar in class to the snapdragon 450 it delivers the mostly smooth performance and the phone even handles most games in low resolution settings in terms of storage you get 32 gigabytes onboard and the option to add additional storage via microSD cards one of the biggest differences between the galaxy a6 and its larger sibling the a6 plus surely is the lack of a dual camera system on the back the a6 is just one camera and it doesn’t support the life focused portrait effect photo quality is decent but not really as good as we hoped it’s definitely worse than on the a6 plus with less dynamics and lower quality images what we do like a lot are the selfies you have live focus for selfies only so we can blur the background and get some very sharp images with very pleasing colors in terms of video quality you only get video 1080p videos turn out just average you don’t get a lot of detail and the focusing is slow turning over to sound you have one loudspeaker in the galaxy 6 but unlike most phones this speaker is located not on the bottom but on the right side of the phone the sound calls you get through this loudspeaker is actually quite ok and love when it comes to actual call quality we had no issues here and voices sounds fairly crisp and clean the Galaxy six force a 3000 milliamp hour battery which is about the average for a phone of this size unlike the a6 plus this phone doesn’t break any records and will last a day but not much more there’s also no fast charging or wireless charging drawing the line the galaxy a6 is an affordable phone yet still it’s not among the cheapest phones out there with the price of 310 euro in Europe at this price you have other options like the nokia 7 plus with its faster performance and promise for updates or the other 9 with its refined design and more powerful features these are 2 options that come in mind summing it all up the galaxy 6 is a compact and elegant phone that is very comfortable to handle it runs fairly smoothly in the daily grind unfortunately it’s also about to much compromise the low resolution of the screen the uninspiring camera quality and little things like the old micro USB port at this point in time the galaxy A6 is a bit overpriced and a bit too conservative and this wraps up our review of the Samsung Galaxy a6.