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Five Cool Things About Cricket ZTE Blade X Unlock

CRICKET ZTE Blade X Unlock Code

I’ve been using ZTE Blade X for a couple of weeks so far across a ton of cities in the United States and it’s time for a verdict.

These are five cool things about Cricket Wireless ZTE Blade X Unlock.

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Number five has to be the company’s coverage on prepaid and I was able to test out ZTE Blade X I started this whole process in New York City went to San Jose you then saw my first video being in Maui.

I came to Houston and then now I’m testing it in New Orleans and I really have no complaints on the service and then there’s the fact that you’ve got a ton of plants to choose from you can go inexpensive with limited data or you can go unlimited data and even that option is less expensive than the most maxed out limited data options from competing carriers really that’s tough to beat considering the fact that there are so many options to consume content and that’s pretty much what everybody does number four is their selection of smartphones you can go fancy if you want select an iPhone 10 iPhone 8 that’s all great.

You can also go for the galaxy s 8 as well but I decided to go and test their mid-range offerings because I think that’s the best way to start not everybody is a hardcore gamer not everybody needs the best specifications out there some people just need the essentials and I feel it the best way to test the service is if you try what they offer in the mid-range and so far I really have enjoyed the experience number three definitely has to be the unlock ZTE Blade X cricket again when we talk with cricut about this video I have a selection to choose from I again decided to go for the mid-range mainly because Qualcomm has done a very interesting thing with their snapdragon 4 to 5 processor if you notice it is extremely capable but most important the battery life on this phone particularly is insane and if you’ve watched any of my reviews you know that I care about three things number one being look and feel number two has to be the battery life and number three has to be the flexibility the specifications on the blade X are extremely capable the experience is good and most important you have expandable storage this is one of the things that I care about most and again you don’t have to break the bank to get a really good phone number two definitely has to be DirecTV now this is actually my first experience testing it out and I am extremely impressed this is where unlimited data comes really handy the fact that you can start your movie or program at home you can continue watching it on your phone and the fact that you’ve got a large display here surely it’s just 720p but that’s pretty much enough for video and then again the advantage that you really don’t have to worry about consuming content and your battery life which is something I really care about a lot so I really like my experience with DIRECTV now there are a ton of flexible plants that you can choose from again all this is obviously optional you don’t really have to get this but it’s great to have the option available and finally the top number one feature of my testing period of Cricket Wireless and the ZTE Blade X has to do with the advantages of prepaid this has been my story for the past five to six years I’ve relied heavily on prepaid services mainly because I travel a lot I love the flexibility of just swapping another SIM card when I travel and then coming back to the United States and being able to just replenish the service that I want I’ve heard so many sob stories of people not being able to do this because they’re locked into a contract or they pay horrible roaming fees whenever they travel abroad I don’t have to deal with that problem I simply replenish the service when I need to and I love the advantage of all the different data plans available I can choose whatever I need depending on the amount of time that I am in every particular country and in this case would be the United States again this is my story I would love to know about your case.