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Unlock Cricket ZTE Fanfare 2 Unboxing And Initial Impression

Today I have a kind of budget phone to unbox for y’all and today I’ll be unboxing ZTE fanfare 2.

This is on Cricket Wireless let’s get it started okay yo so here I got a little cheap budget of us the ZTE fanfare 2 got it at Walmart as you see only at Walmart this one air includes a black soft touch joke case which is always awesome to get free stuff and a boss when you get a phone this is of course a very like I said lohan budget device open the flap here you’ll see the phone.

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So the plans so specs here in unlock cricket zte fanfare 2 4G LTE with Android marshmallow 4.5 inch F WVGA display and a 5 megapixel rear camera with Jimmy there’s a front-facing camera a 1.1 gigahertz quad-core processor 22 hundred million power battery mobile hotspot Dolby audio and go on and so on and there we go let’s go ahead here it’s already been tipped off the person at the store done that last night so yeah it’s not been unboxed though so let’s go ahead and get that done right now so we’ll just slide the phone now and we’ll do our regular thing here by trying to figure out how to get this there we get this off of here off the phone out get that out of the way and under just white piece of paper we have your activation guide pretty standard stuff that’s your clear and simple quick starter guide we have course your cricket SIM card which is micro SIM and right here is your nice little soft gel case which I will be taking out of the package and I will be trying out so yeah taking this ball mount though because you know what I don’t need the phone or the plastic so yeah and of course your standard wall charger here and of course psyche.

I got everything you get a standard microUSB charging cable so it’s all good you know have to come with it you know got a charger phone if you don’t have like a million chargers laying around so we’ll get this hair out of the way and we’ll put this back where it belongs all the stuff that I’ll never read back in there and we’ll close this here flap and get just get all this stuff out of the way that is a really nice feeling little joe case man that feels really nice so we’ll put this back in will is filled up at the box how about that and get out of the way okay so here is the device little small ZTE phone here this phone is actually just like the phone the Boost Mobile field right now to the ZTE tempo it’s actually the same exact phone just for cricket with a cricket logo back here we’re camera flash North counselor mic recording Mike one of the other single rear speaker on the left is your micro USB charging port on top is your wait wait a minute yeah power button on top there headset jack of course on the right side your volume rocker kind of like the way this thing is designed and laid out I put the power of the volume buttons look in the power button it looks kind of cool on the bottom you have your microphone in the front here we’ll go ahead and peel off the protector and you’ll see there is your ear speaker your front-facing camera you’re back home in recent button so yeah pretty cool could give us first dude up here and at the top right away you’ll see a notification light which is always nice to see on a phone cricket ZTE fanfare 2 I’ll take some time setting up and everything so like always I will let this thing do a thing and cricket yeah anyway I’ll let it sit here do a stink and I’ll come back okay y’all so we have a powered on and ready to roll and the screen looks kind of bright so it’s kind of try to brighten it lower it on down with it more some my camera maybe can actually see it now at first glance the phone feels kind of snappy got to drop down here of course for your rotate hot spot battery saver sound data all that stuff flashlights of course which is always really nice I can’t stress that enough of how nice it is to have actual flashlights on a phone go in here you’ll see the app drawer and there is just really no bloatware except like I’m not really sure if these arisen but where or not but you got keep but you really don’t see a whole lot in this device I mean it’s just pretty much straightforward this phone cost $25 and I mean yes a 4.5 inches split display it ain’t got the best resolution you know it washes out sometimes side to side up and down the cameras ain’t going to be top-notch but you know what for 25 dollars you can’t really beat it let’s go in here to sentence like I say pretty much just like the Alcatel that I just unboxed or the ion box that looks about the same maybe a few differences here and there maybe some added stuff but anyway go into storage here you’ll see that this only has 8 gigabytes of internal storage and already 4.44 of that used which is ridiculous so you only get three points five six gigabytes available but you can use it microSD card and I’m not really shopping move apps to sd or not I will check that out because it does run Marsh Miller so I will check that out and let y’all know down here are your blue buttons that light up of course which is really nice of course this is nuts turn efficient light up top enter is your light notification and it is running 6.0 point one like I just made mention of so there is a little marshmallow dude there so yeah this is just been the unboxing here of the ZTE fanfare 2 to look in the back of it here it looks black letdown eisah black that’s a black back device you look at it up close it has this bluish grayish green I would say look to it in real life the camera can’t pick it up but it is so this is the cricket version here ZTE fanfare 2 not a bad little phone if you want something for a backup phone or a phone that you like going to like a park or somewhere where you’re not really too worried about you know damaging your phone back so they’re not to make fat this is that kind of phone this is a bum for beginners a phone for a kid because it does seem to run pretty good for the 210 this is a 210 Snapdragon quad-core 1.1 gigahertz processor so it’s not a bad little phone all that stuff it doesn’t helpful in any way.