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6 websites that will change the way you write code (instantly)

Check these websites to increase productivity

When it comes to writing code, there are a ton of different resources out there to help you. But with so many options, it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 6 websites that will change the way you write code, instantly. These websites offer a variety of resources, from code samples to tutorials to news and more. And best of all, they’re all free to try.

So if you’re looking to improve your coding skills, check out these 6 websites. You’ll be glad you did.

1. HarperDB

If you’re trying to decide between using SQL or NoSQL for your next project, you should definitely check out HarperDB. HarperDB provides the functionality of both SQL and NoSQL, so you can use whichever type of database you need for your project. HarperDB is also easy to use and scalable, so it’s perfect for small and large projects alike.

HarperDB is the best of both worlds when it comes to database systems. It has the functionality of both SQL and NoSQL, so you can choose which one to use depending on your needs. HarperDB is also easy to use and scale, so it’s perfect for businesses of all sizes.

➡️➡️ Go to HarperDB

2. Pingdom

Pingdom offers a cost and performance monitoring tool for your website. This tool gives you visibility into your website’s performance and cost so you can optimize it for both. The tool is easy to use and provides you with actionable insights so you can improve your website’s performance and cost.

➡️➡️ Go to Pingdom

3. Carrd

Build one-page sites for pretty much anything

One-page sites are a great way to showcase your work, share your contact information, or even sell products and services. They’re also super easy to build – and you don’t need any coding skills to do it because Carrd is there to help you creating your one-page site.

There are a ton of different ways you can use one-page sites. You can use them as a portfolio to showcase your work, as a way to share your contact information, or even as a way to sell products and services. You can also use them to build simple landing pages for your business.

One-page sites are a great way to get started with web development, and they can be a lot of fun to build. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started, Carrd is the easiest way to create one-page sites.

➡️➡️ Go to Carrd

4. Getform

Smart form endpoints for developers

Form backend handling is not meant to be difficult. Getform gives you the possibility to integrate your HTML form with all the major development frameworks, JAMStack, no-code and CMS platforms.

Getform lets you build workflows using your submission data. You can trigger autoresponse emails, send Webhook requests, add a spam filter and do more using the automation actions.

Getform panel lets you view your data in Table and Smart view formats while you monitor the Logs of your form endpoint or build automated workflows using easy actions.

➡️➡️ Go to GetForm

5. VisualGo

Visualising data structures and algorithms through animation

VisualGo is a great tool for visualising data structures and algorithms. It allows you to see how the data is structured and how the algorithms work. This can be very helpful in understanding how the algorithms work and how they can be used to solve problems.

➡️➡️ Go to VisualGo

6. ExtendsClass

Online Tools for Developers, Web designers and Webmasters

ExtendsClass provides tools directly usable in a browser. It saves you from having to install add-ons to your browser in order to add features.

You have at your disposal syntax validators, code formatters, code checkers, random data generator,  testers, HTTP clients, mock server, but also a SQLite browser.

These are small and easy-to-use tools that can help when you do not want to install software on your workstation.

➡️➡️ Go to ExtendsClass


There are a lot of fantastic website resources out there that can help you write better code. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 websites that will change the way you write code – instantly. Futher if you’re looking to improve your coding skills, be sure to check out these top 6 websites resources to build websites that sell courses and digital products.

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