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9 Essential Steps to Get 1000 Twitter Followers in 45 Days

Twitter can be a powerful tool for spreading your message and building your business. However, it’s difficult to get noticed and build up a following if you don’t have a solid strategy.

According to research…94% of Twitter users have less than 1000 followers.

Hard truth:

Many creators won’t get past the 1k mark because they never optimize their profile.

In this blog post, I’ll outline nine crucial steps to take to go from 0 to 1000 followers in 45 days, Following these steps will make you part of the top 6%. Let’s get started!

1. Profile Picture

You’re a person, and people connect easily with people like them. Your profile picture should either be a unique photo of you alone… Or a picture of you with a well-known authority figure in your niche.

It could be a selfie or a studio photo.

If it’s a photo with an authority… Ensure it’s not a “last picture and we call it a day” kind of picture. This is worse than anything else.

2. Bio

When a person comes to your profile…the first thing they read is your bio, Whatever you put there determines whether you deserve a follow or not.

Your bio should answer these 3 questions:

• who are you?
• why should I follow you?
• what are you learning/building?

Your bio is a pitch.
And you’ve only got 5 seconds to do that. If you fail… Bad for you.

I see many creators trying to sell in their bio, ❌ Wrong move.

If you’re intrested in blah blah click…“❌ It’s social media, not selling media😏

3. Banner

This one is simple, Your banner should be a visual illustration of what’s already in your bio.

If you’re just starting out don’t try to sell, Focus on giving first before you take.

Again…tell visitors what they’re going to get by following you.
Now that you’ve done “the above 3″…your profile should be looking good and shiny🤩

But… A shiny profile is not even enough, People won’t follow just like that.
You have to give them another good reason.

Show that you’re valuable with…👇

4. Pinned Thread

Whenever a person visits your profile…8/10 times they came across your tweet that resonates, So they want to see more.

Having a pinned thread is like telling them “you like what you saw? That’s nothing. Check this out

This shouldn’t be just any thread… because I see many persons pin their most liked tweet in their profile❌

If it’s not valuable, Don’t pin it.

Your thread should be the solution to a problem your audience is facing, If it solves their problem… You’ve won their heart. They will follow. Then…
They scroll down to:

5. Tweets

The Twitter algorithm loves consistency.

Don’t be a:
• here today
• here 3 days after
• here only God knows when again❌

It should be:
• here today
• here tomorrow
• here every single day✅

Consistency is the hack you’ve been looking for.

As a creator with <1000 followers…you should tweet at least once a day and at most…3 times a day.

Reason? You’re not yet big, It’s like tweeting into space. That’s just to keep your TimeLine alive and your visitors engaged.
Extra tip:
Keep your tweet-retweet ratio at 3:1, When you retweet other people’s content it’s like saying…

“I couldn’t say this but here you go”

When you begin to retweet too much content it turns to:

“I don’t know anything. Here’s someone that knows more”

A big big turn off💀

6. Commenting

I call it the “free advertising method” but many people don’t know how to go about it.

Here’s how:
• create a private list
• add big creators to your list
• pin the list to your timeline
• engage with their tweets everyday

You should comment at least 40 times a day.
Too much? No.
You should do more.

It will be hard; no doubt, but it will 10x your growth.

Also… It’s okay not to have something to say – that’s way better than saying rubbish.
Don’t say:
“Thanks for this”

• be valuable
• be entertaining
• share your experience
• and yeah…be sarcastic sometimes💀

And remember… People love real people.

7. Hop on Spaces

The reason spaces convert faster is, anybody can tweet anything. But not anybody can just say certain things.

You have to have gained certain knowledge first. You need to know what you’re saying well enough before saying it.


Makes you look like an authority.

8. Write Threads

I see people say “don’t write threads if you have <1000


Writing threads is the surest vehicle to board on your journey to 1000 followers, be sure your threads solve problems people face in your niche.

9. Join a Community

No man is an island” . Except you’re one…
Find people who have same:
• goals
• following count
• drive for success

As you. And create an engaging community where you:
• share ideas
• engage tweets
• have each other’s back


Are you struggling to grow your audience on Twitter? Have you been trying to grow your following for months without success? Have you tried everything and your following is still stuck at 10 or 20 followers?
If so, there’s hope!

In this article, we outlined nine steps that you can take to go from 0 to 1000 followers in 45 days.

Following these steps will make a big impact and help you reach your goals.
Now get to work! and to furhter increase productivity check out these 4 methods to write YouTube titles that will go viral instantly.

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